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Various Lava lamps for sale, need to downsize. Some vintage, some newer, one plasma

I need to thin the herd a bit.  I took a hard look at the lamps I have and if a lamp didn't get me happy to see it, it went into the "put it up for sale" pile.  Not looking to make a killing, just looking to get them to good homes where they will be enjoyed and appreciated.

Shipping will be at cost.

1.  Copper Coachlite:  Dated Sept. 1971, green fluid with what I assume started life as white wax which now looks slightly yellowish white.  Flows well with a dimmer.  Overall in nice shape for a 44 year old lamp.  The wall plug has been replaced.

Early bright copper CoachLite Lantern (CL find)

2.  Midnight teal glitter.  Also seen in the photo above.  Dated 2003.  A very pretty slow moving glitter.

3.  Midnight pink/pink, 8404, with box, dated 1995.  Flows nice.  

Midnight 8404, pink and pink

4.  Midnight clear/cranberry.  When first run it appears slightly cloudy but clears up with repeated runs.  Clear is slightly yellowed (not uncommon for a cranberry).  Flows GREAT, very active lamp.  Needs a dimmer to not get overheated.  Comes with original box.  


5.  Lava Phone.  Brand new in the box.  I ran it about 3 times.  Flows FANTASTIC.  Nice and clear.  Everything new in the boxes, baggies and with warranty cards, etc.  Dated 2002.  Globe is blue/white.


6.  Lightning Storm.  With the box, though the box is beat up and missing the top flap.  Very cool multi-color plasma lamp.


More photos can be provided if requested.

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Hmm.  Not a peep.  Off to ebay I guess.

How much for the Coachlite? I've been looking for one!

I'm currently working with a potential buyer.  If that doesn't work out I'll be in touch.

Mary and Ryan said:

How much for the Coachlite? I've been looking for one!
Well, I'm 100% on needing/wanting one so if you want a guaranteed buyer just let me know.

The Coachlite is sold.  All others still available.

Sorry Mary and Ryan!  :(

I've also been wanting a coach for a long time.  Can't wait to get it fired up and kitted.  :)

Nice score Rax!!!!  Can't wait for the kit pics!!!!

Lots of items still for sale.

Let me know if you have anything else that's not on here. There's still quite a few I'm looking for!

That list is pretty much what's up for grabs.

Just received the lantern.  Good packaging, and it looks great!  Thanks! :)

Good to know it got there okay.  Enjoy!

Plenty more for sale.......

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