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So even with the knowledge I have sadly learned on newly manufactured lava lamps now a days is crap. I bought a Mini Lava Rocket..Regardless,  I for one am sick of it. I as most of working people all over the world are tired  of busting our butts to pay house bills, insurances and medical bills and food/fuel. So the little or big things we treat ourselves  to that we hope will give to us a lifetime of enjoyment and maybe be passed on down to our children or hey if needed resold has ceased to exist.  Many items now.. like our lava lamps are suffering due to corporate greed, lack or concern of quality control and final product. And heck why not... now they got us by the ____ and selling us this crap has us buying goo kits too. where does it end... so out of pure frustration and a heed to others who wont be buying this lamp with prior knowledge to its inability to perform without further investment of a spare bottle or goo kit. They are laughing all the way to the bank with our hard earned checks filling it. This was my review on the Mini lava Rocket. 



attached is photo of mini rocket

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I 100 percent am in agreement... we may have suffered a small loss by investing in a lamp here or there,, but yes i am sure they have lost any true collectors support and purchases. even those whom arent  and got one cause it looks cool surely wouldnt buy another crap lamp that does not work as advertised and expected. Its do or die time for them...

Erin said:

And that nostalgia is BARELY holding them up. As soon as you start doing any research on Lava World/Lite/Simplex/Internationalwhateveryouwanttocallit you see the quality has gone to shit. When I started collecting last year, within one day of searching the Internet I had all the info I needed to know not to purchase another one.

There's no way any serious collectors consider buying more than a handful of these. I think Lava World are just hoping for individual sales to the unsuspecting non-enthusiast. Anyone who has ONE older US-made lava lamp can tell these aren't the same quality. 

can I get a Amen... but that ride they are on.. soon will end.. times are hard and getting harder, people cant and wont waste money on them much longer.. people now for the most part research their investments large or small.. one day soon 2nd hand stores all over will have to have a section in their stores just for  "new in the box, slightly used lava lamps" for $2.99  which is still toooo much!!

Tim Gill said:
They said it was too expensive.
That just sums it up in one - lava world are just out to make a quick buck and have completely left many essential aspects of there product and business behind. All they are riding on is the success that they had when they were making lamps in the USA.

The thing is that say Lava Lite stayed the same as they were and not moved to china and another lava lamp company started up and made the rubbish that LL is pushing then they wouldn't survive at all because it would be no good - they only have the brand and nostalgia which is holding them up.
First and foremost I'm not trying to offend anyone. I've been a critic of the products and I beleive that they sould really just stick to the 20oz, 32oz, 52oz and Grande sizes. They have the best form of motion and if anyone insists on buying products from lavalites and expect to see any form of motion then its these lamps that I mentioned. The mini lamps and starship lamps are best used as a cheap nightlight for kids. But to purchase these lamps and expect to see these large swirling flows in place of the 20oz lamps and up is just not going to happen. If you buy cheap then you get cheap crap in its place.

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