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I am from germany and i want to build a realy big Lavalamp :)
I have a huge glassglobe (35" (1m)) and the base station and a cap solution.

Al i need now is the liquid and wax.

I have seen the Lava Louie Kit's, but its very expensive to ship it to germany (~150 $).

Can anybody help me to find the right formula to fill the lamp ?

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Yes sure ;)
But the patent Formulars are hard to understand, and the alcohol with mineral oil formular i dont want, because its not the same flow and look as in the patented lavalamps.
To be honest, it is highly unlikely you end up with something that looks and flows like the patented formulas.
Such a large lamp will probably make it especially hard.
Either a refill or using lava louie's stuff would be your best bet.


p.s. - all the materials and stuff you will need (lots because it would surely take many trials) will end up costing you some money anyways.
I go through the Formular again now :)
I think I understand the "Retro-Basic Lava Lamp" Formular with Wax, Water, Salt and Dish washing Liquid.
The only problem I see is to get tetrachloroethylen and that this liquid is carcinogenic...
It is actually only $40.00us to ship a Louie goo kit to Germany. If you put your order in on monday I can ship it out to you right away and it will be on your doorstep in 2 weeks. Trust me when I say it is definitely worth it.



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