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Hello everyone,

My friend Enrico is looking for a German made Cima UFO lamp to add to his collection.

Please contact him if you have one available for sale or trade.


The Cima UFO lamp looks like this and it has a non-rotating spray -  

The Cima UFO lamp that I have broke last year.

The color wheel stopped turning and the light stopped working.

I ended up gutting the lamp and keeping the nice UFO base to possibly re-use in the future.

My idea was to find some other lamp that could fit inside of it.

I have several small fantasia lamps that would work but they all have small sized sprays that do not look good on a large UFO lamp.

I recently discovered that the Italian lamp I purchased from Enrico a few months ago fits in the base well and it has a large rotating spray!

So now I have a "custom" UFO fiber optic lamp with large rotating spray that I really like 

My Cima UFO lamp - with insides removed.

Italian Fiber optic lamp - with large rotating spray

Italian lamp placed inside CIMA UFO base.

 "Custom" UFO fiber optic lamp with large rotating new German spray

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Does anyone have a Cima UFO lamp for sale or trade?

i can convert it to led for you

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