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Wanting To Do A 'Liquid/Fluid Exchange' Between A Few Lava World Globes

Decided that I've gotten a little bored with my current globe colours, but just with the liquid, and not the wax...especially since the wax is fine and works fantastic (amazingly with two of the globes I want to change being dreaded China ones).

The globes I want to change are two 52 ouncers (said Chinas) and a 32...the 52s I want to convert from Purplish Pink Liquid/Orange Wax and Dark Purple Liquid/Pink Wax to Clear/Orange and Blue/Pink. And the 32 I want to switch from Clear Liquid/Red Wax to Purple/Red. After all of the reading I've done on here over the last day or so, I think I'm in the clear with the 52s since all of the 52 oz. globes I have (four in all...said two, plus a Clear/Red (that has worked fine too) and a Blue/Green (most recent one from Spencer's (got it this March) and every bit complete utter crap as been warned on here) have been made circa 2007-08, if not later or a little earlier. My biggest concern by far is the 32 oz., since it is one of the last of those made around 2003/04. But, I think it could work since the cap on it looks very similar to the caps on the 52s.

If I need to post pictures of the caps/globes on here, please let me know. Have any of you done fluid exchanges between a early-mid 2000's 32 and and a late 2000's 52 before? Input on that, and really, exchanging fluid in general would be much appreciated since I don't want to go into such a project somewhat blind. Also despite the research I've done, this will be my first time opening globes/bottles and experimenting with the contents, so I naturally want to do the best I can to hopefully avoid messing up. ;)

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Thanks for your response...I have to confess that I kind of have chickened out at this point. I played around with the idea a little more in my head, and started to not like having to open older/32 oz. bottles AND the potential mess involved. So I ended up going to Spencer's to see if they still had any somewhat older lamps I might like, and got royally lucky in finding a clear/yellow 52 oz. with a blue base (last one!!). And I went on eBay and found three 32 ouncers I like in a clear/blue, pinkish purple/red, and a blue/white (complete with Silver Streak bases for the former two, and a psychedelic blue/white swirl base for the latter). The only rub is no blue/pink combo (which I think would look awesome if done right...maybe Mathmos made such a globe?), but overall, I'm glad I made the decision I did...and look highly forward to getting the three new lamps.

One of these days (insert a 'bouncing' bass-line here), I'll get brave and experiment with a lamp (especially wanting to try Lava Louie after seeing some of the results on here), but don't think I am quite ready for that yet.

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