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I've made my first attempt @ making fluid. And well, it's coming along. I've got a dome column/dome that's about halfway up the 52oz but won't flow. I've been gradually adding natural salt, non iodized with no additives, and melting it in distilled water. Then adding while warm, and watching it. I must have added a total of about 4 teaspoons now and it's getting better but not quite breaking into bubbles. Still like I said that dome like column that does nothing. I've added approximately 3 drops of concentrated dish washing liquid to the solution lightly diluted in water. Any pointers?

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Here are 2 pix of the lamps I'm working on. The red one is the one I'm referring to above. The orange is one I've posted about before and have had trouble with. I tried to readjust the flow by putting an extra coil in it and it worked now, it's back to the good ol half column goose egg thing. And it stays like that after 2 hours of running. So here's the pix. Please get back to me on this post.
Are you using epson salts?
That's the secret.
Look at this link. I have replaced the water in 4 lamps and I used this method and it has worked every time.

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