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Does anyone know what size or shape the pacifica really was, or have a picture. I read some where on "ozzinggoo" it was but 22" long and 4" around but that is the same as the atlantis.

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I works the red is the oil the blue is the water. So what does everyone think would be the best color combo for a second alantis wave machine vessle.
That would b cool I might try that. I have been useing pop bottles to experiment with to find good color combos. Purple and green is cool also but I just found a old wave on craigslist that was purple and green ( of course it was a small one )
Neon pens ?? Like a highlighter marker if that works I'm all over it. That's my next project
I will give it a try. Thanks for the info.
I have a suggestion. Check your oil under a fluorescent blacklight. If it does NOT show any signs of a glow, you're set. Buy a BIG bottle of tonic water. Shake it, pour it out into a big bowl, and let it go flat. Make sure you leave it out 'til it's completely flat. Now make a Wave tube in clear-and-clear. Tonic water is "tonic" (supposedly) because of the quinine sulphate content. Quinine sulphate is fluorescent. Put your all-clear Wave under or over a fluorescent blacklight and you'll have clear liquid with a glowing, bright sky-blue wave action.

If you want other colors, you can get yellow-green, green or orange HiLiter markers (they glow in decreasing brightness, in that order - pink barely glows but you can try it, blue markers don't glow at all). Pop off the base of the tube, pull out the felt ink sleeve with a pin, pop it in water and squeeze the ink out. You've got fluorescent water but, unlike the quinine water, it's colored even when not under blacklight. The yellow-green is particularly poisonous-looking. There was once a Century Lava Lite with fluorescent yellow-green liquid (and red lava).

The Adriatic Wave unusual colors, as noted, were green over purple, blue over red, and yellow over pink (the last one fluorescing green over purple)
That sounds awsome yeah I may try that too. This hobbie could get expensive lol. So far I have plans for claer over black and red over blue or purple can't decide which one looks better. Now clear over clear with the glow from a black light sound cool too. Does the tonic water hold a glow forever?
Yes, the tonic water won't fade. And I like it more than Hi-Liter glow because, even though it needs more UV to glow (the fluorescent blacklight should be very close by) it looks completely clear when off. Also, make sure it goes 100% flat first.

If you haven't tried before, don't buy incandescent blacklight bulbs. They give off very little UV, really creating more of a dark purple glow. Because they only filter out the UV, and purple light, from the other light using Wood's Glass (a UV-transparent dark purple glass) there's very little of that anyway, and holding in all other wavelengths means the bulb becomes ridiculously hot (in my neighborhood, punkin-smashers love to fire water guns at any poor soul's porch light containing one of these, as they explode - they get THAT hot!) Fluorescent lamps work by creating UV through ionization of mercury vapor, but normally block it and use it to create light via the phosphors. Fluorescent blacklights simply use Wood's Glass and let out all the UV created... Even the compact-fluorescent blacklights that go in household sockets are fantastic, I use one in a hidden source to illuminate a shelf full of fluorescent items.
Just bought some tonic water last night ( ironic lol ) Whenever my acrylic comes in i'll use the tonic h2o on one of the "new" wave machines im going to make and see how it works. Thanks for the info J.C.E.

Hi, thanks for the info! It would be GREAT if someone added this info to the library. The wave machine info there is kinda lacking. The library is SO great, I feel bad for the poor slighted wave machines...lol!

Jonas Clark-Elliott said:

Gotta hop in... There were two "giant wave" models:
The Atlantis 2001 was 22" long with a 4" dia. wave tube. The Pacifica 5001 was 30" long with a 5" dia. wave tube.
Both had a completely transparent, cylindrical wave tube, with the bubble-trap built into one end but still clear. This attached into the base with a transparent block support. The bases were rectangular but with all four sides bowed outward, and a concave trough horizontally in the top to allow the tube to rock. They were available without, or with (models 2002 and 5002) a pair of internal electric lights and wave sound with volume control. I believe these first appeared around 1993.

The only Wave I've seen that's BIG but had a silver base was a "Surf, Sight & Sound", a lighted, wave-sound unit that was sold through Sharper Image in the early 90s. This was NOT a Lava brand product.

Other Lava brand Wave units were the Adriatic 16 (16", early models chrome, later black) and Caribbean 18 (18", early models chrome, later black). The SoundWave 1800 was a Caribbean with an added sound module (with tone and volume controls) mounted under the base - early SoundWaves had blacklight-responsive fluid. There was also a 7" hand-held Wave with black end caps.

Late 90s models included the following Adriatic-type models:
Pink liquid on top of yellow waves (test model, not fully released)
Black Light Wave 16F (pink waves with yellow liquid above, fluoresces purple/green)
Multicolor Wave - green waves with purple above (968) or blue waves with red above (972)
Dual Wave Machine: a pair of cylindrical tubes with black end caps, one above the other; top, pink waves with yellow, bottom blue waves with clear. These sway in front of a tall, widely-flared black base with a rectangular footprint. Model 16DT was as described, while model 1600DT had an added 'crest' atop the base, reaching up and over the tubes, turning the base into a wave shape. This 'crest' contained downlights and the wave sound module.

Bohdan, if you see that Surf, Sight & Sound again (or whatever it was - I could very well be wrong) GRAB IT! :)

I remember my boyfriend when I was 16 had one that just kind of sat on the metal base and you had to rock it yourself!!!  That was one of the first ones, lolol!!!  I was like what's the point??  I never really thought much about it to tell you the truth....now I would kill to own one!!!  Funny how one's tastes change over the years....

Wayne, what is the wall thickness of your tube that you are using?  Are you ordering from a local supplier for acrylic tubing or someone over the internet?  Thanks for any info.

Guys: I have all the wave machines including all the regular and dual color models: multicolor waves purple/emerald model 968, strawberry/blue model 972, green/blue wave machine model 16G, and black light wave pink waves with yellow liquid above, fluoresces purple/green wave machines

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