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If anyone has a Lava Wave Motion They would like to sell at a reasonable price please let me know.

Thank you.


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I wish you good luck on your quest. Please be aware you are looking to spend anywhere from $500+ depending on model.
Gee Wizz! that much???
I seen them sell on ebay for 160.00 Which model goes for 500 or greater?
I know that they sold for 200 back in the day right?
I Think I like the18 Inch Pacific blue model.
See this thread.. http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/wow-atlantis-wave-machine-810

Two of them, one went for $900, one for $800.
Hello Wayne Miller thanks for letting me know about the quality of that lava wave .
I am looking for a quality Lava Wave Not a cheapo.
Maybe you can recommend a particular model I should be on the lookout for.

I am also interested in one of those cool looking Fiber Optic Fantasia sunburst lamps.
Hehe - he means as far as price, not quality. :) Never heard a bad thing about Lava brand wave machines.
Hello Kris are you saying that as long its a Lava its made of good quality?
I want to buy a nice looking Wave machine and am not sure what I should expect to pay for one.
I was hoping someone on this site would sell me one for a reasonable price.
Also I am looking to buy one of those Fantasia Fiber Optic Lamps if anyone has any tips on either the Lava Wave or the Sunburst Fiber optic Lamps Please feel free to comment.
I know that The fiber optic lamps can vary in quality as well.
I have heard of people swapping or replacing the original optic spray with cheaper reproduction sprays.
Correct on the wave machines. Wayne is a collector of waves. He seems to have the good info on them. There are a few other members that know as well.

As for fiber lamps, eBay is the best place as of now. You want a Fantasia. No other lamp. No china made plastic crap - stay away! If you have any questions, send me a private message. Fantasias are my thing. There are also other members who can help - Jonas, Astrobaby, Bohdan all have good info. Those are the ones on the top of my head (no offense to anyone I did not list :) )
Thank you for that Link Very Nice and would buy it but if I am only going to buy one then it might as well be the best!
So this is why i am in the market for a Lava Branded Wave motion.
I love the aqua blue 18" one from Lava.
What do you think I will pay for one of those?
Thank You
as Bohdan says it all depends on who's bidding at the time but lately they have been going for a lot of money any where from 150 to 910 dollars for the large ones
Hello Bohdan Thank You sooo much for that information.
I kind of like the most recent ones by Lava but am not crazy about the colored base.
I love the dark all black base on the earlier models.
I will be looking and searching on Ebay for one of the earlier Gems But Hope a Member will offer me a wave for a reasonable price.

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