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If anyone has a Lava Wave Motion They would like to sell at a reasonable price please let me know.

Thank you.


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No I bid on it but did not win it...I should of went higher with my bid no telling when one of these will be up for auction again.
Oh well I guess I will have to wait.
NO, i did not buy it, but yes you do have to have a separate black light to have illumination for this model.
Wow, more?? I thought the fiber lights were expensive until I saw what some of the wave machines are going for.

Are we in a recession or what???

Seems like a wave motion machine would be easy enough to build...anyone built one?
Wayne has been trying. Hopefully someone will bring back such a cool item.

Not sure where the recession is honestly. People spending HUNDREDS on lamps and lights. It's mind boggling. Lol
Yes They are somewhat expensive but I look at them as Art.
Still cheaper then a Piccasso.

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