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hi, i'm trying to fix my lava lite (it was foggy when i got it and i didn't bother fixing it until last night) and in all the tutorials i'm watching/reading everyone's wax is at the bottom of the lamp, but mine goes right to the top and makes adding the epsom saltwater not work and just stay at the top above the wax. am i doing something wrong? the lights just off for the pic bc my camera sucks with lighting

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If it is floating at the top, why are you adding epsom salt to it?  You do know that adding the salt makes the water heavier and thus causes the wax to rise right?  Sounds like you have too much salt in it.  Hope this helps. Welcome, have not met you yet.  Fellow bass player here, rock on!

Mr. MaGoo

it does, but the thing is it was happening before i even put any in

Is there any wax at the bottom, is the wax seperated?  Some on the bottom and some on the top? How are you prepping your epsom salts and putting them in?  Are you using hot water, thoroughly saturating the hot water with epsom salt then adding the hot salt water in little by little until wax begins to rise?

pretty much all of it is at the top and only a little at the bottom

Mr MaGoo said:

Is there any wax at the bottom, is the wax seperated?  Some on the bottom and some on the top?

Think you need to join the two waxes together.  Drain most of that water out until the top is in contact with the spring and the remainder of the wax.  With the globe pretty much empty with just a little bit of water over the big clump of wax, turn the lamp on let the wax heat up, then gently, carefully stir the wax being sure to incorporate the bottom wax with the top wax. Once this is done let it all cool, then add a little surf to that low water level and coat the bottle so wax does not stick to the sides.  Then add about half way full bottle of distilled water.  Once this is done, the wax should be at the bottom.  Then slowly start adding epsom salt, PG, your preference to the water until the wax slowly starts to rise. Then go from there as far as adding surf to your desired liking, long stretchy blobs or more round blobs.  Let us know how it goes.  Good luck!

Laura, keep us up to date on your progress and don't forget the pics!  Good luck!

thank you! i have it melted in a little bit of water but how do i stir it? like what do i use and how do i know when it's mixed right?

I just put two straws together and swirled it a few times to ensure I got them to mix together,  or like a skewer something the width of a pop cicle stick, my straws were a little larger than a regular straw. Once it is all melted should stir rather easily and mix together well.  Then let it cool down, then add your distilled water to a little over half way to the top, place back on the lamp base heat it up again and see where the wax ends up.  See if your wax will start rising and falling, if it sits on the bottom of the globe then put the fully saturated hot water with epsom salt mix in just a little bit at a time till your wax begins to rise.  Little at a time is better than too much.

welp, i was about to say it worked but as i was typing i looked at the lamp and it separated again! this time it's only a bit though

EDIT; it all went back to the top

Do it again. Hate to say.

i don't understand what i'm doing wrong, even with that little water it just goes back to the top of it and doesn't come down

Mr MaGoo said:

Do it again. Hate to say.

If there is still wax on the bottom, when the upper portion is hanging up there it is separated and the two have to come together, if this can not happen then might have to throw a goo kit in it or change to a glitter lamp.  Keep at it, am sure it will come together.  Make sure when you mix it again and let it cool down, IF you did add epsom salts to water you dump that out and start with fresh distilled water with cooled lava.  Then place back on base and turn it on the wax can not be lighter than the fresh distilled water, it has to spike then melt and come down. Usually, the problem is getting it to rise, not the other way around, stay with it.

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