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Hello people,

Sorry I started a thread just for this. I got a blue/blue Mathmos not long ago, and some wax seems to be stuck to the inside of the bottle towards the bottom. My problem is, the wax doesn't flow from the middle of it, but the side where the wax is stuck. There's no big blobs forming just little bubbles. Any suggestions on how to get the wax off? Thanks for your help.


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I hope I can help.
1. Open the bottle with a pliers.
2. After that you must put out the fluid
3. Furthermore you can put your bottle with the wax on the base and switch it on, or you put your bottle in 60°C water.
4. Put the melted wax in a other container (glass) and put it into a 60°C water bath. Put the coil out.
5. Then clean the bottle thoroughly with some dish soap and a bottlebrush. You must clean the bottle and the coil very tidy!!!
6. Put the fluid and the coil into the bottle.
7. And now you need a sinkhole to put the melted wax into the bottle. When you don´t use a sinkhole the fluid can get cloudy because the way to the cold fluid is to big.

I make this way plenty of times. Lunar bottles, Astro Bottles, Jet bottles..... It works very well.
I hope i could help you.
Yikes! I use a tourch lighter to remove any stuck wax on all of my lamps, try this first before opening the beauty.
I've used a portable hair dryer with the end right next to the globe to remove stuck lava... but when I fired the lamp up again it did the same thing. SO... odds are you'll have to drain and scrub. That does work... just a hassle.

I'm a bit scared about the hairdryer thing to be honest..but I managed to soften some of the wax, then I poked around inside to loosen the wax from the bottle..turned it on a few minutes ago, so here's hoping! Thanks for the replies. If this doesn't work, I'll do the seperation thing!
Well that didn't work, so I'm gonna have to empty and clean it! What's a sinkhole?
Bump. I'm gonna try and fix it tonight. I'm a bit anxious.
a funnel!
Ah..I see. I was just gonna let the wax harden, then break it up and put it back in. Would that work?
yeah it would, make sure you coat the inside of the bottle with the masterfluid before you put the wax back, sometimes it will stick again if you don't.
The masterfluid? The liquid from the bottle?
Thanks for your help! :) x

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