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Never seen this before what is it ?  Is this the music box one thats on the lava library ?

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That's a "Decorator". Not very common!  They were designed so you could put your own decoration in the tray.


Looks like the globe though doesnt match it because it has a gold top and not a squiggle top ?
Or i guess they did have gold caps just saw the link you made

Yeah, Squiggles came either way, with a squiggle cap or regular.

Pretty cool lamp, has potential for some cool decoration options. Some vintage colored marbles would look cool in the tray

My Decorator (with original lava) which was a gift from a good friend and fellow forum member, including some American candy which he also sent over for my youngest's birthday :)

Great example of the Decorator with the Candy.

The lava lite ‘decorator’ squiggle with music box is ultra ultra rare!

It's just a Decorator Aristocrat, with one of the three or four bowl designs. The earliest squiggles had gold caps; matching squiggle caps came later. The squiggle designs varied widely, too, ranging from random patterns (rounder or more jagged), to loops, to really odd stuff like Mark's which is crazy amounts of cool!

Yes, this one originally came with a gold cap, but I prefer the matching squiggle!

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