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I tried, and I actually did it. I restored a cloudy 11in lamp. It was really touchy, but I got the mix of water, salt, and surf just right purely by trial and lots of error. So no, I do not have measurements it was add water, add soap, add salt, remove mix liquid, add in some fresh water, etc. until I had clear liquid and good motion.

Then I went to put the cap back on. I had so carefully removed the cap by prying the edges. With the intent of using a 1in hose clamp to re-crimp it. I tighten the clamp and the cap was secure, but I wanted to make sure it was really good, so I gave it on more little twist. 

I cracked the lamp, crap.  Welp, now I have some spare parts.

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Oops, may be worth investing in a capper.

I use the same trial and error approach as you for restores!

Or... just don't do that anymore. I don't think I'm going to be trying to restore lamps that I just bought just for the hell of it any time soon. But  I may try making my own.

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