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I got this lamp brand new in July of 2006 and used it very heavily. I'm talkin everyday 8 hours and the flow is amazing but I noticed last year that when its on the lamp looks really cloudy especially toward the bottom. But when off it looks crystal clear, I am running it and this is not going away. I took a pic but it's kind of shitty since I took it with my razor phone since my digital camera broke :( I just noticed that since I'm not using my globes as much anymore a lot of them seem to be going to hell now.

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This is meant to be funny but I know its not 'it looks like it mated with a china lamp got the ich(which is kind of like the crabs but worse)'....ok seriously... I'm sorry matt, I have no clue, the only thing I have seen with some of the american globes is the color of the red ones tinting the water.
HAHAHAHA that's funny, it probably did since I have like 4 or 5 :D But its weired because the flow is there its just the liquid went to hell?
try putting it in the fridge??? I remember one of the threads discussing that.

I am going through similar ailments with my mediterranean. I had it packed away for two years. When I unpacked it with plans to sell it, the once beautiful base is oxidizing. I came to terms with that, but then I fired it up and the lava is sticking to the glass, hanging out mostly at the top. I know what needs to be done. The globe and spring need to be cleaned, but I just am not good at that. So I guess, I will be selling it as is and hope that some colllector with experience in restoring will buy it and make it pretty again.

Back to the subject I also remember a thread on the old og, about putting it away in the closet for a year and not touching it.
Most of my globes have been in my basement for about 2 years now just sitting there and its kind of cool down there. But I noticed that my 32oz red purple globe has rust inside the bottle cap?? I'm like WTF? And by sitting there a few have lost their touch :( But I'm gonna start storing some in my closet.
Thanks Bohdan but I would prefer not to open it up because then its ruined. I always have ruined lamps that I have opened up. So this is permanent then? It wont ever go away? What caused this?
Both of my teals, 2 blues, a purple, a red and a cranberry are exactly the same way, (all are Lava Lite globes). Perfectly clear cold , not clear running and they've been like that since I got them. I store them properly but have had no luck getting them to be crystal clear running by letting them sit or by running them.
I'm with Bohdan it's not a cloudy issue it's something else.

I wish us all luck with this problem.

Yea it definitely has to be something else. It's from Aug of 1997. Its just to bad the lamp use to look so nice and clear. :(
Here are some better pics of it. Right now it looks so clear. I'm so confused.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I'll post some pics of it once its warmed up. What's the batch code on your blue on Bohdan. This is from Aug of 97
Spencer your 96 teal is the same exact batch code as my blue white. That's funny.
And i have a 2001 teal globe that I got new. Crystal clear but it has what I call messy flow. So many little bubbles.
Well my 2001 teal globe is great with the exception of all the little bubbles.

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