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Can someone please advise me as to what make/ model this lava lamp is.  It was left in a house we bought - think the previous resident was Polish - which would make sense with the text on the base - see pics..  It had an old style (1930s) UK plug on and we've now changed it.

Looks pretty old - we used to use it but haven't for a while.  It has glitter in the goo that floats around.

Ideas - was it a home made piece?

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Pictures included now!!

I've seen those before... I believe they are Russian lamps from the 60s and yes, many times they are glitter lamps. A few are archived on http://www.trippyglitters.com/ and one of them looks just like yours! Here's there link and post:

Below: Another USSR Vintage Glitter Lamp | This wonderful example of a vintage USSR Russian Glitter lamp was seen on ebay Germany. This model has a brown enclosure with a similar design to the models above. I love the tripod design look to these wonderful pieces. I love the glitter used in these pieces too. Note the mysterious USSR writing at the top of the cap. These particular designs do have a space feel to them, which makes me wonder if they were inspired by Russian space themes.

Below: Another USSR Vintage Glitter Lamp | This wonderful design displays a model below with amber glitter fluid and smaller glitter flakes. I love these USSR designs, they are so unique and so distinctive.

Thanks Soylent Green

Problem solved :-)

Yes indeed, a Russian glitter lamp. 40+years old. A nice and very rare find.

I'm not sure it is working 100% - is there somewhere in the UK I can get it checked out? 


Just left behind in your house!? Lucky you!!

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