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Some of you may remember me, I'm the guy that made his own motion lamp by replacing the wax with ferrofluid. I'm playing around with the formula and have figured out how to 'tune' the flow of the goo, but I can't really decide what kind of flow is best. 

I'm not sure what people prefer. I personally like anything drippy/melty looking, but this usually results in the goo not spending much time near the top of the bottle. I'm not sure if that's something that would bother people. I figure you guys are the connoisseurs.

Below is a list of what I can 'tune' the formula to lean towards...

1 blob to rise and fall entire length in cyclical pattern, some goo hangs out at top and occasionally drips.

Many smaller blobs to rise and fall entire length constantly, but rarely drip from top.

Large wavy column that grows from the bottom towards the top, but never quite makes it all the way up (not sure this is typical behavior in other lava lamps).

Large blobs that rise and begin to drip/melt as they rise, rarely spending much time at the top.

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks

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For me, I prefer the last drippy kind you mention.

Oozy, strechy, varied and always in motion.  Drips and/or blobs....boring.

intricate, convoluted and complicated motion, especially in big globes

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