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I love blue Lava Lamps and I would love to see the return of the WHITE/BLUE Combo. I have a small 8oz Lava World lamp those colours and while not the best flow, it looks amazing!

(See pic)

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As Bohdan says, Orange Lava/Green Liquid would be nice. Yellow lava and green liquid would be one of my choices too.

Clear blue would also be nice!!
Oh yes, BLUE/CLEAR would be nice, I destroyed my BLUE/BLUE Astro trying to make it BLUE/CLEAR, but then they released the turquiose and that is awesome!!, but yeah BLUE/CLEAR would be cool!

My BLUE/CLEAR working before it went all cloudy and I lost too much wax trying to fix it...It was EPIC! **cries**
I like clear liquids too, I have a green ASTRO BABY and a Red TELSTAR, the green ASTROBABY, seems to be turning the clear liquid a little green, Which makes me wonder if it was originally a GREEN/BLUE and has faded...?
Hi all, would it be possible to have a clear liquid and a two-tone coloured wax?
nah, the wax would mix with each other, the only way would be to section the bottle in to two halves and run 2 coulours that way... I think.

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