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While cleaning out the closet recently I unearthed a bunch of 52oz globes.

I was wondering what the value might be to see if it's worth my time to sell them or put them back in storage. 

52oz green / white lava

52oz orange / white lava

52oz pink / white lava

52oz red / white lava

52oz purple / white lava

52oz clear yellow lava

52oz purple / blue lava

52oz blue / red lava

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I'll give you $50 a piece, plus shipping of coarse for them assuming your willing to ship to Canada. Are they just the globes or bases as well?

I would loooooove the green/white globe. Would also pay $50 for that one. 

It's just the American globes. 
I happen to get near the back of the closet and find these. 

Although I could pair up some with bases. 

I don't mind shipping to Canada, but it's going to be pretty dam expensive.
Plus allot of paperwork.

I have to think about it all. There are some that are going to be dam hard to pry from my hands.
hmmm.. Do I want that JBL PA or do I love these globes. heh. 

I would take the green/white with or without a base. :) If you're selling, let me know. I'd really like to have it. 

I know. I'm looking for it. I'm going to start snapping some pics to see which ones I really love and cannot part with. 
I've only dented the closets *sigh*.  

Let me know what you decide.  Thanks.

How much for your Red/White and Blue/Red?

I am interested in your red/white if you still have it.

If u still have the orange and white I'd like that

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