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I bought a Fludium Grande last week. When i bought it i thought that the chance of it beeing cloudy was very high, so in the order i made it clear for them that i wanted them to check the lamp before they shipped and make sure it wasnt cloudy or had any defects.

Then a few days ago i received the lamp, and it was, as i could have expected, very cloudy.. So i wrote to them the following:

"I just today received my new lava lamp from you. However im really dissapointed as the lamp is so cloudy in the water that i cant see anything in it at all. The quality is not what i expected for such an expensive lamp.
What should we do ? I can send you some pictures of it if you want."

To which they replied:

"Good Morning Mr.Jørgensen,

i´m sorry if you have any problems with this item.

If we should make a claim we have to have the item here to send it to the manufacturer.

Best Regards - Michael Baur"

What would you reply here ? The thing that gets to me is that i DID write to them that they should chcek the lamp for this exact defect before they shipped it.. Which they either didnt or did and ignored. I would have expected something else, like a return of half the money or something.

But what do you think i should reply ?

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Uh sounds like a pretty special combination.. Definitely something i will consider !

Are there any others in here that has a lamp like that ? I would love to see it !

Sorry for you this shop is not very cool (maybe that's why they're the last one to have this model in stock).

Forget them and try to UV Bleach and filter.

At least you don't have a crack line like mine. :-)

It's not your fault, unfortunately theid are always people ready to rip us off.

Im gonna try writing this to him now


Michael, dont you think we should find an easier solution?

If i were to send this back to you, you would have to pay me the money for the shipping later according to law, if a defect is found, which i can prove by photos. And the shipping costs here in Denmark are quite expensive, 12,5 kg would cost 655 kr which is 88 euros. Allmost the same price as the lamp costs it self!

Instead of all the trouble sending the lamp to you, we could find another solution, like giving me 50% of the prize back? I believe it would be both easier for both of us and cheaper in the end.

Acording to the law in EU the seller is actually NOT bound to pay for the shipping back to them, UNLESS a defect is found. And woun't you consider a cloudy lamp a defect?

^ I like that idea. Try that! That sounds reasonable to me. I wish you good luck. 

Okay i wrote it to him and this is his reply..

"Hello Mr.Jørgensen,

i apologize very much that you have problems with the delivery.

It´s not up to me but the manufaturer would like the item in his hands to decide something about the gurantee.

You can try to send uns photos maybe our chief will give you an discount of 20/25%. But i can say upfront a dscount of 50% without sending the item to us is impossible."

At least better than nothing ..

I guess so. I guess an important lesson has been learned here. :(

WOW... just WOW.. I send Michael Buhr a picture of the lamp .. This picture to be exact:You SHOULD be able to tell that the lamp is PRETTY DAMN CLOUDY, right? Well this is what Michael had to say about it:


Hello Mr.Jørgensen,

as we can see the lamp is working and i can´t really see something iregular.

To avoid a maybe unnessasary expensive return parcel we offer you a discount of 25% thats more that we earn from this purchase.


Michael said he can't see anything irregular? I think Michael needs to get his prescription on his glasses checked. Customer service + Michael = :>(

Take the 25%

Your lamp looks so like mine :-)

Did you try sending Micheal a picture of what a lava lamp is supposed to look like?  I did that when dealing with Spencers and it really helped.  Just an idea.  Good Luck.  

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