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I bought a Fludium Grande last week. When i bought it i thought that the chance of it beeing cloudy was very high, so in the order i made it clear for them that i wanted them to check the lamp before they shipped and make sure it wasnt cloudy or had any defects.

Then a few days ago i received the lamp, and it was, as i could have expected, very cloudy.. So i wrote to them the following:

"I just today received my new lava lamp from you. However im really dissapointed as the lamp is so cloudy in the water that i cant see anything in it at all. The quality is not what i expected for such an expensive lamp.
What should we do ? I can send you some pictures of it if you want."

To which they replied:

"Good Morning Mr.Jørgensen,

i´m sorry if you have any problems with this item.

If we should make a claim we have to have the item here to send it to the manufacturer.

Best Regards - Michael Baur"

What would you reply here ? The thing that gets to me is that i DID write to them that they should chcek the lamp for this exact defect before they shipped it.. Which they either didnt or did and ignored. I would have expected something else, like a return of half the money or something.

But what do you think i should reply ?

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Great idea T !

Dont you think this picture shows him what im talking about?

I will send the aboe picture with this mail:


That sounds fair Michael! Should i just send you my bank details?

But just so you know. A lava lamp is not supposed to be so cloudy. I think you should talk to the manufactorer about the problem so that you are not getting in trouble in the future

I have attached a photo of your lamp compared to another i have, Its not the same lamp ofcourse, but as you can see the other lamp i have is crystal clear in the water. The background is perfectly clear on the one on the right, but the lamp from you is very cloudy, and you cant see anything trough it.


You think thats fair ?

Yes I do.  Maybe Michael thinks since it lights up it works?  Maybe comparison will help.

Michael replied today to the above post i send him.. He completely ignores what i told him, and just asks for bank details..

Seems i do get some of my money, but i wonder why he doesnt have anything to say to the above..


Hello Mr.Jørgensen,,

sorry for my late answer. Here in Germany we have had closed / Eastern holidays.

Please send me you bank details or better PayPal Account so we can trasfer you the moneay.

Best Regards - Michael Baur


Because he knows the lamp is not right!! lol.  Well at least you are getting some money back.  Wish it was a clear lamp instead.

Hehe yep that must be the reason.. He just refuses to see the truth :P But im gonna see if i can fix it my self.. I've done it with try Lava Lite Grandes and a bunch of other smaller ones, so this should be possible too..

Well good luck I hope you can fix it.  Nothing is more annoying than a cloudy brand new lamp!!  Keep us posted :)

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