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Mathmos have been discussing the colour pink on their social media sites lately. Does anyone know why? Is it becuase valentines day has just passed or do you think we are finally going to get a new pink lamp? Seems odd to me why they should be so enthusiastic about the colour pink? 

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Pink in studies makes the unruly, violent, malcontent more docile and easier to control.  Keeps the mainstream in line and non-confrontational.  LOL, you just can not get upset with a pink Mathmos lamp! :P

Would love to see a pink Fluidium... one can dream 

The pink in the blue pink bottle is too dark. Mine is almost like a blue red. My older clear pink astro bottle is also very dark. When my friends see it they say oh a red lava lamp!
I would like to see proper pink, nice and light girly pink. Oh and bring it back to the astro! Oh and yeah a pink fluidium would be amazing! I don't think the fluidium was given enough life. How can they discontinue such a stunningly gorgeous lamp? I think more colors and it would have sone really well. They also need to make a bigger lamp too.

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