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When will Magma Be back? And anyone wanna sell me a little yellow dye, maybe?

Ok, I know the Goo Kit people are on vacation, but does anyone know when they will be back? Unfortunately, going through the newbie phase, I've accumulated a few globes that are beyond saving... So I want to try my hand at a goo kit. Also, I FINALLY found a clearance clearview. I ended up getting a red one, but I'd like to see if I can dye it orange. I know you can make yellow lava into orange, but does it work with red? I understand that red+yellow= orange. But im not sure if the red is to dark (intense?) to accept the yellow dye. And since the Goo Kit people are unavailable, do any of you have a little yellow Magma dye I can buy? I just need enough to do the 32 oz red one. I can wait for them to get back before I mess with the rest of these globes. Thanks so much!

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Dr. What?!

I'm not disappearing...just don't work in the main office...

Dr. WHAT?! said:

Lizette you can't disappear on us :(

Lizette Hotinger said:

Yes you can.  If you show up, ask for Kim.  He'll help you.  But call first.  The new phone # is (562) four26-9three26

Thank u James!!!

James Reiche said:

Goo kit products  =



It would be great if they started making high quality coils again instead of using those screens with their goo kits.

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