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Who are the most reputable, competent, and reasonably priced custom lava lamp makers?

I am interested in purchasing some 52 ounce globes mostly with clear fluid and different colored waxes, Who offers these services and/or who do you recommend?

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Ryan Paddock


If Ryan is the guy who sells them on ebay which I think he is, he makes some serious kick ass lamps!

Yeah that's him

The metallic lava guy

We work on some lamps together

Yes, I’ve done business with him before, but I’m looking for some others to see who else might be a good choice. Otherwise, I might start building my own, which I know will take some trial and error, but sometimes it’s fun to experiment in this hobby anyway

Lamps that size are really not difficult to do, once you have learned how and have the techniques down

I can re-goo a lamp within 1 hr 

most of the time is waiting for the lava to melt in the  water bath

I use that time to clean and prep the globe

The real amount of time is waiting for it to flow and tweaking it.

Thanks for the encouragement, I’m seriously thinking about trying to learn the process, but just looking at all options right now

Maybe you want to take a look on our onlineshop: http://www.goolamp.com
But we only sell Glitter and replacement parts at the moment.

We do offer the building of customized lamps and in the future we will release our own Lamp in the size of a Lunar or bigger.

Tigerman on ebay.  His lamps are beautiful and he does custom work. I also design custom lamps and rock but I only do for my own home or friends.  Claude below has his email address.  Look his work up on Ebay under tigerman or bigtiger not sure exactly what his tag is.  Go to lava lamps on ebay and look for custom lava lamp and BAM - you found him.

Good luck.

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