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centurys are awesome

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Thanks, Tom of Finland is my fave, I have 5 of em all posed on a shelf.

bluecastlesky said:

I love the Tom of Finland doll. I got some Billy dolls. ;)
Good job on base and cap heh
wizard of ooze said:

Centurys can be fun to customize too.

Centuries are fantastic, I have to say i really like the US lava lite stuff as during the 90's they really made some funky stuff.

It would be cool to get hold of a century but they are rare in the UK so will have to ship over from the US.

First year Lava Lites had another feature - really more of a flaw - in that the "lava" was actually a thick oil which did not solidify when cold, thus shipping was difficult as the lamps tended to cloud.

I think this was because they took the formula direct from Cretsworth which at that time had liquid wax and Cretsworth was the only company to know about the lava formula.

What has two thumbs and likes blo...... Oh nevermind.  Carry on.

"w jobs? This guy!"

Thanks WaggS. I should make a new century picture with the midnight  and vintage centuries too.

<high five>  lol

Chow said:

"w jobs? This guy!"

WeeboTech said:

Bohdan said:

Yes they are. Even Iron Giants like them. A table ring really sets them off.



Love the look of the century with the ring. Maybe you should start a secondary business.

Looks great.


What is a table ring you guys are speaking of?  Enlighten...pls..thanks!

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