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like many, the cone of my Lunar is damaged.

To repair it while keeping the mirror finish is not easy, so I contacted a guy who can make a repro.

It will be the exact same part, in aluminium but only in satin finish (it's possible to have it polished later).

Price is very expensive for one unit, but can be reasonable if enough parts are made.

If ten cones are made, one unit will cost around 35 eur. (+shipping).

So if you're interested, just reply this message.

And if we're enough we can make a small serie.

PS: otherwise if you've got a perfect original one for sale, I'm interested :-)

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I would take 10 or more.

Astralav said:

Well, I see there isn't so much interest here.

So I give up.

Sorry but it is too late.

I don't want to be involved in this project anymore.

But if you find someone to do it on your side, let me know, I might be interested to buy a couple of replica cones.

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