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 I have bought a second hand lava lamp, I saw it working. When I got home with it the  bulb was broken , so I have purchased new replacement bulbs from Amazon  (exactly the same type as original bulb). My question is , how  long will it take to heat up the wax, because right now it does not look very promising, there isa lump of wax at the top of the lamp and some big clumps at the bottom. I have had the lamp on for almost three hours now and it is not looking very active/ If any one has an idea how long it may take for a very enormous lava lamp to get going I will be very pleased to hear from you. I cant give you the make or model of the lamp as I do not have that info.


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That is a jewel of a Lava lamp!!  Good for you!

Soooooo  nice.  Love the flow! Hope you truly enjoy that lamp!  :)

Thank you,

Yes it appears to be working very well now and I am truly hooked. It is a very large lamp and because of that it does need at least 4 hours maybe longer to get going , that is the only down side but I do think  it is worth it

Thank you for your very lovely comment 


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