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I just picked up this beautiful Windsor glitter lite. I am curious about its value and rarity. As much as I like it I am willing to let it go, my collection is getting to large.

Thanks in advance!

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that's beautiful

Thanks! i still have to clean the dust off. And it has what i believe the original Westinghouse 15w bulb.

Samantha Gregory said:

that's beautiful

YEah i'm surprised nobody else saw it if i had the money i would have gladly bought it

Several people have asked, Yes I am selling the Windsor. But I really have no idea how much they are worth and what a fair selling price would be. I know they are a rare lamp.

ps. im also selling an original Aladdin lava lite too.

FOr the one above if you can get over 40 it would be good and same for the aladdin lamp

Ummm, $40 for each would be a phenomenal deal for some fortunate buyer. Terrible deal for the seller. 

Samantha Gregory said:

FOr the one above if you can get over 40 it would be good and same for the aladdin lamp

W well above that should be fine especially if you got it for a steal

These are quite rare. I've seen three, ever. Far less available than the Enchantress Glitterlite, of which I've seen five or six. I'd say $100 isn't too much to ask. Is yours clear or gold liquid? The three colors were clear, gold, and green.

Nice variation on the Consort 'theme'.


Love the rounded wooden base. Pretty rare I'm guessing. Glitter looks in great condition.

The liquid is clear with silver glitter.

yes, the wood base is beautiful. I'm going to dust it off and take some more pics.

Thanks again everyone for the advice.

YEah i would keep that if i were you that way you can say you have a rare find

Is yours actual wood? That would be incredibly rare, because all the ones I know about are a wood-grain finish on metal.

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