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With this Magic Star Lamp, My Kids Don`t Mind Dance Parties at Home

With this Magic Star Lamp, My Kids Don`t Mind Dance Parties at Home

I want my teens to go to great parties, but with all the alcohol and drugs out there, I`m afraid.  Actually, they feel the same way now, after a few carloads of uninvited guests crashed the last house party they were at. What a mess, broken
fences and shattered glass everywhere. And the cops came!
We have a large basement den and this amazing celestial light just transforms it into a cool, private nightclub.  So, once a month my son and daughter throw a dance party here for their friends.  We provide the refreshments and then we stay upstairs and make sure that only invited guests can come in.

They have fun and we don`t worry. Anybody who has more tips for throwing house parties?

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nice! i have seen these lamps on ebay and was going to get one,  i think i will now! thanks alfred!

Looks incredible!

I tip my hat to you and your family, I can't see how your patent on helping our future become just like you,caring sharing and kind be improved upon. Populating the planet in this way is why the sun to rise every day. Because there's no greater gift called the present


I got one..little tedious to put together...  *at least from seller i got from... bottom is exposed and little clip that goes from battery to keep it lit easily disconnects . but....for the 5 bucks i spent.. its cool and no regrets..

it really does lite up a room say about 12x12  with a fun bright show of stars...there is on mine actually constellations etched in so its not just random dots of lite (stars)    and the issue with bottom can be rigged not to disconnect.. also was a great addition to Halloween

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