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So I recently made a move across country and my glitter globe leaked a bit.  It is the dark blue liquid.  I contacted Lava Lite to see what I could do to top it off, but here's what they had to say:

Hi Jeffrey-

We do not recommend you fill the lava lamp yourself. However, we do have plans to manufacture the Wizard lamp later in 2013.

Thank you,

 Stephanie Frey

Marketing Manager



Direct Line: 630-496-6641


Not much help, but having the Wizards come back is a plus!!!!  Any input on how to top it off would be helpful.

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You really can't top off a US-made glitter with anything besides a US-made glitter. They are TOXIC. 

However, cool to know they are bringing back the Wizard!!!

Well that's okay if I can't top it off it didn't leak that much, but enough to tell.  And I'm excited that they are bringing back the Wizard too!!!! 

You know, I do get excited about US production and honestly, I don't care if they bring back classics or try something new, I just want good formula, awesome flow, no sticking and crystal clear lamps. If they can master that, I'll be happy. 

Critter said:

When I contacted LL about bringing back some classic designs the Wizard was not what I had in mind. I like the Wizard, don't get me wrong, but it is just more of the same old trademarked, wide bottom, narrow topped bottle....bored with that! You can only ride the same old horse for so long before it dies. I hope they have more up their sleeves than the same old bottle shape.

I hear ya. When I think about all the cool stuff they *could* be doing... well, it blows me away some of the crap they put out. They have such a cool history and so many neat old lamps from which they could draw inspiration... I swear, OG is more into their history than they are. They are very detached from the company they were in the 70s-90s.

I'm kind of excited to see them bring back the Wizard, since I don't actually have any at the moment. I'd like to see other new / old designs as well (Century?), but the Wizard is certainly a start.

thanks for the info!  glad to hear they are bringing back one of the older lamps.  i wonder what's next...

LL is gonna go with what sells well. We know this. Wizards are a popular shape that will appeal to the masses. Makes sense they are going with this one. Lava collectors are a minority but still hope they can come up with something to appease us as well. :)

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