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Just got a unused purple liquid/yellow wax off of e-bay. Was really stoked; I've been looking for this color combination for a while, and to get it unused made it all the more sweeter. Provided pics on seller's auction were great, so I guess something got futzed up in transit.

I'm not entirely sure what the problem is. Lamp is on the right. Lamp on the left is purple liquid/red wax for reference.

Half of the wax looks like a big and small urinal cake, and the liquid looks a little cloudy. There's wax at the bottom that looks fine, however.

Any ideas what's wrong? More importantly, any idea how to fix it? Any suggestions are appreciated, as always.

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I just got a purple/yellow off eBay, too. Mine has gunk in the coil and looks like it hasn't been ran for years. Can you show us what it looked like on the eBay listing?
I haven't run the lamp, except to turn it on in that shot and otherwise look at the state of the wax.

American made, 40 watt frosted, stamped with 25. 11/17/99.
Here's the auction itself:


Everything seemed to be in order.
Definitely not new, it was run before I can tell from the Ebay pics. Run it a few times and see if it helps it at all, if its not cooked it should work fine after a few runs.

Roger that. I shall turn it on right now.

"cooked"? Guess it was overheated?
So YOU'RE who I lost that lamp to. ;)

Good luck with yours!
Don't worry. You didn't miss anything. The lamp is garbage, and I had to return it.

No amount of tlc can fix that lamp.
Sorry to hear it. :( My purple/yellow that I won on eBay has gunk in the coil, but flows nice. What was wrong with yours? What was the problem?
Not entirely sure. I think the wax was disintegrating or something.
I think I have a lamp with a similar problem. :(

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