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Hello everyone,

I know its a long shot, but I might as well try.  I don't have an eclectic collection, but I am trying to collect as much as I can all the 32oz color combinations listed on LavaLite color code page.  I know many are of them are rare and probably will never see them, like I said, I'll give it a go.  I have about half of them, but I still need the following:

#01 clear/white

#06 clear/red

#07 clear/peach

#11 clear/yellow

#16A clear/chocolate

#23 blue/green

#26 red/white

#27 blue/red

#28 green/white

#29 yellow/green

#23 orange/black

#29 orange/purple

Thanks for input or leads,


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U will most likely never see an 01, only a few have them. And its extremely rare. I had a lot of the other's but have since been sold.

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