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Hi all! I had a Colossus a few years back, but a family emergency required me to sell almost everything fun I owned. :( Anyway, if anyone here is looking to sell their Colossus, PLEASE consider contacting me. I see one in Wisconsin for $2,500... I'm not interested in spending that much, but I will gladly pay a fair price. I live in Southern California, but I have NO ISSUES with making a several-hundred-mile road trip. Even if this is months from my posting date, PLEASE contact me. I will be looking for quite a while I'm assuming. Thanks so much!! This site is fantastic!!

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There's one on eBay right now $1500 and in Michigan
Local pick up !!
I thought I saw 2k? :(
Yeah, I saw that one too... Sigh... I looked at shipping and from what I can tell it would be in the $500+ range because of the distance. I've been combing through some of the other threads here looking at how others have booked shipment. Sent out a few emails. So far it doesn't look to good. I guess I need to wait for one to pop-up closer to me. I'd absolutely love to get that one though. My favorite color combination. Thanks for the help guys. :)
Yup mine is for sale. Its on ebay. Michigan. $2,000.00

It's beautiful Dottie :) 

Dottie, just curious, why did the price go from $1500 to $2000? I was trying to work out the money and the logistics, but an additional $500 definitely changes things...

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