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I think this is what I want from photos I have seen! Sorry - I am new to this. I've attached a photo of the same one I found online - but the liquid is a different colour.

My great grandmother left me a lamp and I have had it for over 10 years. On Tuesday my cat managed to smash it. I still have the base and the bulb still works but the glass tube is completely destroyed. I would love to replace it. I didn't realise it was a collectable item until after it was broken and I found this site.

My original one was kind of a light green liquid with silver glitter. If anyone knows where I could get a replacement I would be really happy as it meant a lot to me. I am keeping an eye on ebay but I can't see the exact one - mine had a triangular base - I'm not sure if all tubes will fit in all lamps.

Any advice appreciated



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You should watch ebay.  A lot of the lamps that use this size glass cylinder go through there.  I believe the easiest way to get it fixed is to buy a Mathmos Jet lamp or just the bottle.  I believe the Jet used the same size bottle.  

Any other OG members want to chime in here?  If I'm incorrect about this bottle size please post.


Thank you! That's very helpful. I will definitely be keeping an eye on ebay. 

Definitely the Mathmos Jet model (now discontinued) used the same bottle as the Astro Nordic (usually know as just the Nordic) and also the Astro Nordic Deluxe which was also known as the Living a Jewel (Pre-Jet style) when featuring the fast moving large glitter flakes. Some lovely classic Crestworth lamps. A glitter jet would be more suitable although lava is nice. They came in a variety of glitter colours. I do have an empty Astro Nordic bottle which the guy in the junk store thought was an old spaghetti jar!
I love Nordics so much. I have three copper and four chrome ones. The Nordic glitterlites came in a variety of colours with equally exotic names such as Autumn Leaves (amber glitter) and Emerald green as well as a delicious Ruby variety

If you ever want to sell a copper glitterlite let me know! They are so pretty! :) x

Soylent Green did you have something I might be interested in? I'm not too sure how this site works yet and I'm not sure if I've missed a message somewhere!

Yes Critter you are correct.

Wow Grant!  Nice grouping in that pic!

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