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I'll be ordering a goo kit shortly. I have a question about colouring the lamp. I presume that the colours that come with it are for the wax. I notice that the pictures of lamps using the goo kit show the wax being pretty transparent. Can you make it more opaque? Also, if you use distilled water, can you just add normal food colouring to give the liquid a bit of a tint? Will this colour work, or will it affect the goo? I'd like to make one with yellow liquid and dark blue goo. I don't mind the transparent goo, was just curious about options.



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You are correct. The dye packs are to color the wax. The transparency varies with applied heat, amount of dye and colorant used. We formulate our wax and surfactant to be used with distilled water only. To color the water is a risk because impurities vary from company to company. If you decide to color the water just be sure it is a water based colorant and not oil or it will definitely compromise the wax.

Thanks, Jonny.

I can't wait to receive my goo kit. It's going to be fun playing around with this.
Hey Johnny, just wondering if the amount of wax is exactly the same as what's in a grande - personally I think they have too much wax in them and would benefit from having less like the mathmos bottles do... I'd love to be able to squeeze a grande and an astro sized bottle out of 1 kit if I could as 2 kits would be way more than I need and a bit over my budget...
Cheers Rod



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