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Thought this thread may be helpful as a means to centrally share a listing of plasma makers.  A link to their homepage or plasma lamps specifically is appreciated.  To start things off...

Would still love to acquire one of these plasmas some day.  Quite pricey, but larger than anyone else's offering(s).  The thought of a 15" plasma globe gives me a major chubby.

Link --> Aurora Plasma Designs

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Awesome! Thanks Jim! I have watched a 16” globe on eBay many times...I drool every time I think about it! However, I think it is from China or Hong Kong...somewhere non-USA. I would LOVE to have one but they are about $550. Also to buy that expensive item from out of the country is way too scary. I bet if it arrived damaged, they would say I have to pay return shipping...lol!

Some Plasma Sites:

-This is a decent price for an 8" plasma ball (on sale for $29.99) Gadgets and Gizmos

-Not that I can afford it, but I want a 30" diameter plasma ball (Light Energy Studio-Plasma Globes and Tubes,)

a 6" diameter by 48" tall Crackle Tube...but which color? they have blue, red, green magenta and white...

so...maybe 5 - 1" diameter x 48" (1 of each color...ha ha!) (Light Energy Studio-Crackle Tubes)

and about a million other things on this web site! Light Energy Studio

-These guys also have 30" plasma balls, plasma tubes, crackletubes, plasma disks, plasma glass, etc. Phantom Dynamics. They also have Mesmer Electric Plasma Tubes Phantom Dynamics-Mesmer Electric Plasma Tubes (I have a small plasma light that is like this...I need to take pics and post them) 

-Another place that sells huge plasmas Strattman

-This place sells all sorts of electronics items, as well as tesla coils, and downloadable plans for making plasma globes and jacobs ladders Information Unlimited.

-This is a Plasma Ball Circuit from Cornell University with info on where to buy parts... Plasma Ball Circuit PDF

-Info on Mods made from Plasma Balls Brass Goggles - Steampunk

-Here is a badass gallery of Museum Quality Plasmas Marco Nero

I personally would LOVE to play with making plasma balls...but doubt I will ever find the time/money/etc...

One day though, I hope that the 30" plasma ball becomes affordable! 



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