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Since I didn't get a before shot of my other Fantasia lamp I cleaned I decided to clean my other slightly filthy Fantasia lamp. Below are the copy and pasted instructions from my other pictures in case someone sees this and is wondering "how?? wut do for clean???"

Cleaned with Windex. I sprayed it until it was soaked. I flattened the spray out with my fingers to get the gunk deeper in the fiber bundle. I rinsed it out several times with water and then let it soak in a glass tube with windex in it. Then I rinsed it off again. I put it on the lamp without the light in it so it would spin, and then put a fan on low about 3 feet away. After a few hours the strands were still stuck together, but I flipped the spray upside down and was able to gently shake it to free all of the individual strands.

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