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I don't really collect rain lamps any more... but I suppose I do, if I find one of the models I really love. Here are the ones I like the most. Description in comments below.

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Comment by wizard of ooze on October 21, 2012 at 11:39am

"Creators" was originally its own company, then later became a division of Haggerty.

Comment by Jim on October 21, 2012 at 8:06am

Oddly - the two rain lamps I own are conspicuously absent from the photo montage.   Where's the love?

Comment by Tim Gill on October 21, 2012 at 7:04am

are thies your lamps?

Comment by Jonas Clark-Elliott on October 21, 2012 at 6:04am

Figures used in Creators models over the years include, not all pictured here- (those in quotes are official model names)

"Diana" (upright goddess holding robe to chest)

"Venus" (leaning goddess holding robe over legs - chrome models have clear cast resin Venus)

"Three Graces" (three goddesses, facing out from center - bowl-top model has two goddesses)

"Storm Children" (boy & girl under umbrella)

"Dancing in the Rain" (couple dancing - figure revolves)

Dancing in the Rain gazebo (smaller couple revolving inside gazebo)

"Swinging in the Rain" (guy & girl on moving swing)

Fishing (man w/ pole sways side-to-side, also kid & dog)

Camping (man, woman, boy, girl, dog around clear cast resin campfire, flickering light inside fire)

Angel/Cherub (gilt cherub w/ wings)

"Water Lady" (goddess pouring oil from jug)

"Old Country Mill" (house w/ mill wheel, wheel spins as oil flows over)

Sailboat (sailboat w/ man rocks)

Oriental (Chinese lady in robes, holding basket or bowl of flowers)

"Clock" (MasterCrafters electric clock)

"Don Juan" (classic Don Juan statue w/ sword - many of these have faux wood columns)

Statue of Liberty (blue-colored, holding candelabra-base lamp socket)

Woman with Dog (standing woman with dog standing beside)

Wedding Couple (used in extra-short wedding cake lamp - two different couples known)

Comment by Jonas Clark-Elliott on October 20, 2012 at 9:07pm

View full-size for detail. Info by numbers-- all lamps by Creators' Lamp Co. unless noted. All models made in both table and swag styles unless noted. Those marked * are lamps I really hope to find.

1-11: earliest style small model, metal end covers. All have vertical-only lines. Table and swag versions including:

1-- Venus, table, Antique Bronze, tulip bands. (missing flowers)

2-- Venus, table, copper, plain. *

3-- Venus, table, Antique White-Gold, tulip bands. (missing flowers)

4-- Venus, table, Bronze, tulip bands. *

5-- Venus, swag, Antique White-Gold, narrow rope bands. *

6-- Same as 5, less white/more gold version of finish, tulip bands.

7-- Oriental, table, Chinese red, tulip bands.

8-- Oriental, swag, Chinese red, tulip bands. (May be getting this one soon)

9-- Oriental, swag, Antique White-Gold w/ verde-blue tulip bands. *

10-- Oriental, table, Chinese green, tulip bands. *

11-- Don Juan, swag, Antique Bronze, wide rope bands. (note pointed bottom cover & spiral columns) *

12-- Hybrid big/small: Venus, swag, Antique Bronze, later-style filigree decorations & later style bottom cover.

13-- Hybrid big/small: Venus, table, Antique White-Gold, earlier-style tulip bands, swag chain.

14-18: Mid- and late-style w/ single central column, offset miniature light bulb.

14-- Graces, bowl top, swag, gilt (two instead of normal three goddesses - missing flowers)

15-- Venus, bowl top, table, pale gold.

16-- Storm Children, bowl top, table, gilt. (missing flowers)

The following two have diagonal-only lines:

17-- Old Country Mill, table, Bronze. *

18-- Venus, swag, Bronze. *

19-22: Rain clocks made by Creators with MasterCrafters. Straight-only lines.

19-- Late style w/ filigree, table, Antique Bronze.

20-- Late style w/ filigree, swag, White-Gold.

21-- Very plain small round, gold, table, missing flowers.

22-- Rectangular, gold, missing flowers. (also in textured gold, w/ or w/o Old Country Mill)

23-- Small-size plain chrome w/ clear statue, by Johnson Industries. Metal end covers. *

24-- Family campfire w/ flickering fire, large size, swag, black/gold. (diagonal criss-cross lines)

Comment by wizard of ooze on October 20, 2012 at 8:52pm

I just found 2 large rain lamps by Creators. They are the swag 'Shower Lite' model. They both need extensive restoring. One I'm almost finished with. They're both different versions of the 3 Graces.

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