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Check this lamp out. I've only seen one other and it was from a different Seller in DENVER 6 years ago and he was asking 300.00. I bet the woman named Brittany would take a similar offer. Has anyone here seen this lamp before. It's available on OfferUp. She's asking 400.00 or best offer. I thought someone here might be interested. Shipping is only 14.00 and the lamp is 5' tall. WOW!!!

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Comment by Jonas Clark-Elliott on August 1, 2021 at 10:36am

P.S. Yes, this lamp costs about $235 new. That's an awful lot, even for a large, unusual NEW lamp. That being said, I trust others who've seen these in person and not found them to be high-quality... and I'm not going to pay an up-charge from retail for one. And no, none of this is "20 years old," these are for sale now.

Comment by Jonas Clark-Elliott on August 1, 2021 at 10:31am

Is "The Lamp Caretaker" always this salty? One telling thing about these: the ads selling them brand-new always have small, low-quality photos.

Also: yes, the Excaliburs are nice. I have yet to see any nice Chinese or Taiwanese lava or glitter except the Heritage Grande LL sold for a while. Those were nice.

Comment by MileHigh on July 11, 2021 at 5:55pm

I can see that Brittany from Denver said the lamp was originally priced at $829 ( skeptical ) but she fails to mention that you can still purchase it at AFW brand new for $235.99 plus tax!

I think people here might want to know that the same glitter lamp is currently in stock and it has received 19 positive reviews, the most recent was from 18 days ago not 20 years ago. ( no idea how you figured that? LOL )


There is an AFW store litteraly 15 minutes from Brittany's location  :)

I can also see that she was orignially asking $500 for the lamp 5 days ago but has since lowered her asking price to $400.


I do not understand how paying $400 for a lamp, that you can currently purchase brand new for considerably less, equals a GREAT DEAL?

A great deal for Brittany maybe ;)

Comment by MileHigh on July 11, 2021 at 10:45am

"The listing you posted was 20 years old"

What the hell are you talking about, do you even know?

I can go to any of my local  AFW stores "right now" and purchase that "exact same" lamp for $235.99 plus tax if I wanted to or I could have it delivered to my house for $69 more.



The same lamps where also available 5 years ago when I purchased my leather sectional from there.

Sure, the lamps might appear nice in pictures however when you view them up close in person you can easily tell how cheap/thin/light the metal is and the glitter is not as active or sparkly as vintage glitter.

Comment by Jim on July 11, 2021 at 7:00am

I agree with MileHigh on this. A store called "Value City Furniture" (located in Gurnee, IL) sells lamps like that. Nice design, but the action of the glitter leaves a lot to be desired. Would need a refill to be a display worthy lamp.

Comment by The Lamp Caretaker on July 10, 2021 at 10:08pm

Sure- where can I buy for the supposed 235.00??? The listing you posted was 20 years old.  So yes- GREAT DEAL ON A  Very nice looking RARE COLLECTIBLE lamp.  How can you say it's cheaply made if you haven't got one. Please only submit real active listings.  I was all excited and ready to buy two for the price as I always buy two of every lamp unless they come in multi colors... I buy them all. If you have not seen the lamp please don't knock it.  I have seen this lamp in a studio  in Beverly Hills and it was awesome and not at all cheaply made.  If you consider this cheaply made then all LAVA LAMPS are cheaply made - RIGHT...because lava lamps are just a cheap piece of pressed metal and a glass globe. Take a good look at the lamp I posted and it's very well made much better than any LAVA lamp Construction I've EVER SEEN. Can someone who owns one give us a genuine opinion not speculative.   Thank you.  Side bar - What's wrong with items made in CHINA? I've got lamps made from CHINA that make USA lamps look silly especially the ones from Japan. Example - The Tall EXCALIBUR lamps ROCK and flow perfectly as well as the EXCALIBUR Glitter Lamps.  I have them all X's 2 and they are my favorite of all Lava lamps and are very well made in CHINA. Lets not knock other countries Lamps and instead appreciate the fact they are trying to give us more of what we want.  When was the last time LAVALITE USA made a lamp we all wanted...let me tell you 2000 when they made the Colossus.  Since then  I have not been that impressed with the new DISCO colored lamps with stickers on the globes as of late but I don't knock them because someone out there is buying and enjoying them otherwise they like the lamp posted would not be SOLD OUT. 

Comment by MileHigh on July 10, 2021 at 7:01pm

Why pay $300 or $400 when you can still purchase this exact same lamp brand new for $235?

I have seen these cheaply made, modern glitter lamps available at bulk furniture retailers for many years now, probably made in China.



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