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At 5:35pm on September 23, 2015, Psylo Etherea said…

Thank you! I appreciate your greetings and warm welcome! :D

At 10:26pm on September 9, 2015, calgirlya said…
I wish I had known the shake/break lava 101. Damn.
I then tried to heat, seperate, and eventually now just have sad lava next to my trash can because I can't seem to give it up. I wish I could buy the liquid because I actually have very nice bottles, that's the big bummer. I can't replace the style of bottle. Thus I found this site, but looks like I'd have to buy a bottle and transfer the liquid I think. Hmmmm Thanks for the compassion. Cheers.
At 9:44am on August 26, 2015, Mark Goo gave Modulo '70 a gift
Thanks for help with the spambots!
At 10:42am on April 2, 2015, RazorBlades said…

Muhaha well your welcome here anytime. Im in Houston. Bigger and better than Dallas. ;)


At 2:37pm on March 4, 2015, Dave Smith said…
I love going to the factory and always found the staff very helpful,I've nearly always got what I've been looking for but cannot get them to make me a clear and white lunar vase even if I signed a waver saying that I wouldn't complain if it eventually became slightly yellowish after a while,I sometimes buy from a guy near me who has a lunar with the colour way I want ,his is crystal clear and the White pristine.
On the subject of what lamps I own I think I have a very good collection from older ones to the more modern Mathmos including non lava ones the one I'm most proud of at the moment is my glitterama petite jardiniere which I found locally made be ex Crestworth workers who set up a rival firm,more can be found out about this on Anthony Voss excellent history of Crestworth/Mathmos.like you I love all my lamps equally but unfortunately don't have the room to display them all.
At 7:37am on March 4, 2015, Scott Meek said…
Lol. Yeah even the newspaper used a few of my innuendos.

Looks like mostly US based folks on here. I has recently rediscovered my lava lamp fixation after unboxing one of my old lamps after moving house only to discover the water had clouded.

I am now on a mission to refurbish my lamps. I mainly have Mathmos Jets... been buying more and have to hide them from my wife!
At 11:03pm on January 12, 2015, MrLavaLava said…

Thank you for the kind words, I'm happy to be in nice company, and like-minded people should share all which inspires, soothes or is just plain groovy.

And thanks for your approval of my membership - Club Lunar is one club i'm really glad to join. 

At 6:48pm on December 9, 2014, Jonas Clark-Elliott said…

Nice buy on the rain lamp! Photos to come? I've not seen one verifiably from Italy before; in the US they used to have a reputation for being an Italian thing, through they were actually invented in the USA.

At 11:37pm on November 30, 2014, Pieter Willems said…

For the moment all my lamps are in boxes. I moved some months ago. Nest year I will make a rack so I can put them on display again. Can't wait.

At 7:28pm on July 14, 2014, Rob said…

Thanks, Modulo '70!

I'm a novice at this stuff, but I hope to gain some knowledge as well as share what I've been up to.

I guess I should jump right in. I've emptied the contents of a store-bought lava lamp into another bottle to fabricate a new custom lava lamp. I know that manufacturers uniformly discourage opening them, and most say that doing so will ruin it. But at the same time, enthusiasts uniformly deny and disregard that directive...Haha. I have already emptied the contents of the store bought lamp into my custom bottle.

What I have seen very little about is the re-capping process. Is it better to do it cold? Or do it while it is hot and in motion? I think if if I cap it cold positive pressure (probably significant) will develop. If I cap it hot, it will draw a vacuum as it cools. One person I found online said you cap it cool and "burp it" as it heats up the first time. I think that would leave me back in the vacuum scenario when it cools again.

Any thoughts or experience on this one? I admit I haven't perused the site much yet so for all know this is the most F.A.Q. 



At 3:42am on June 17, 2014, Aladdin 2 Lava said…

Happy birthday Jerome... stay your way !

Pete xxx

At 10:34pm on May 26, 2014, Curt Wilson said…

Ah! A fellow Ferrari Modulo fan! 

At 12:19pm on March 17, 2014, VOXul said…

A wild Stratos Zero appears!

At 1:06am on February 8, 2014, MileHigh said…

Hey Jerome,

I can see that you have a very nice collection as well.

I particularly like your Glitterama Bullet lamp - really nice and really unbelievable how low of a price you paid for it!

At 5:31am on January 14, 2014, Arne said…
Hey Jerome, I'm getting rid of the last jet flock in purple.
At 2:19pm on December 1, 2013, Johnny said…

hi modula, since 2002 ive seen 3 mistrolites all in the last month, crazy !!!

At 6:34pm on October 18, 2013, Jerry, Esq. said…

thanks Modulo for the comment and the welcome! :)

At 7:16pm on October 14, 2013, Rocky said…

Why doing me, silly. Under neath my Lava-Lamp, Of course.

At 1:26pm on October 9, 2013, TERESSA FLETCHER said…

Thanks so much

At 1:25pm on October 9, 2013, TERESSA FLETCHER said…

Thanks so mch.

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