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These are Lava Lite's NEON lava lamps, available at Spencer's. From L to R: green, yellow, purple, watermelon (pink). They are 52oz lamps. I drilled holes in the bases of the green, yellow and purple so they'd look like the old-school Aristocrats. :) The purple one has wax stuck to the globe at the very bottom. The flow on the yellow is the best. The pink one isn't all the way broken in yet.

Overall, they are an improvement from what we've seen from Lava Lite since they moved production to China around 2002.

PROS: CLEAR! They are clear both when running and when off. Bases are nice and smooth, no flaws, even if boring. Wax color is spectacular.
CONS: Flow is still so-so on these. Wax stuck to globe on bottom of some lamps.
MEH: Lots of dots of light in the glass. Some people find this to be a flaw, but it doesn't bother me. Slow to get moving (2+ hours). That may change with more runs.

You can get these at Spencer's for $25 right now. This is the entire color range of 52oz. Neons as of this writing.

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