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  • Blue/White goo kit 52oz

    Blue/White goo kit 52oz

    The Yellow/Purple lamp fell over and got cloudy so I did a goo kit on it. When I cleaned the globe… Tags: uv, dye Brandon Ward May 23, 2015 118 views

  • Strange Personality

    Strange Personality

    They say every lava lamp has its own personality. This one has a really strange personality, which… Tags: kit, goo Jus Jan 10, 2015 228 views

  • Blue Goo Kit

    Blue Goo Kit

    Tempted to add more Dawn cuz I don't like the round blobs! But better not, cuz I'm not sure how muc… Tags: kit, goo Jus Dec 28, 2012 104 views

  • Lava Lamps

    Lava Lamps

    L-R: 52oz red Goo Kit, 32oz blue/white, 52oz. neon green Tags: aristocrat, neon Brad Dec 9, 2012 110 views

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