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I wanna know which one of us is the auction addict, that just can't stay away from all the deals on ebay, that stays up late at night to do some last minute sniping. If it's not you, nominate someone you've noticed!

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Wow, 317! Is that a record? I have heard a few say over 200, but over three hundred?
detachable cables...now THAT is an idea. would definitely make it easier! for me its easier than fishing the cables through a 1 inch pvc pipe I have driven through the wall. every time I want to move lamps around.
Oh young lava mortals! Go to the auto parts store and ask for a section of "wire loom". It is a black (now available in different colors) lightweight flexible corrugated plastic hose that is used for automotive wiring. It has a slit down the middle as so you can feed your Lava lamp cords inside with relative ease. Also note: There are several different diameter looms you can choose from depending on the amount of lamp cord you want to run thorough. I make sure that the switches stick out a little bit in order to activate my mood mod manor! Yeah baby, Yeah!

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