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I have been trying to buy a fludium for about three weeks now. The Mathmos site was down and when it came back fludiums were not available. I sent an email to Mathmos and there reply is that they cant say at this time if they will still be available on the U.S. site. Does anyone have any inside info?

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Yea, the economy has been slowly but surely falling for years, and now it's starting to quicken it's pace. Economy thrives based on the fact that people invest and buy alot from it. but now, people have less money to spend because of high gas prices, high house/rent payments, credit deficit and the like. that means that big box chains come to the rescue to america and sell china made goods at low prices with low quality. of course, when wal-mart comes to town, the price of everything in the store drops so low, it drives the majority of local small businesses to shut down, then when it has no competition, the prices will jack through the roof. however, many economists will say the wal-mart dynasty is starting to come into home stretch unless they change something.

The real villain here, whether it is china, lavaworld, walmart, or just cheap, tightwad americans really depends on individual. in a sense, china has destroyed many things that america has held most dear in the business world. they have also screwed the job market to make it harder to get a job, less jobs mean less money, ergo, people are forced to buy china made goods because thats what they can afford. who knows, maybe with the upcoming pres. election we may change that, it seems there are not good business minds where there should be in certain positions and places.

Lavaworld was pressured and forced to move to china by all the other competition and corporations around it. It's just turned into a mess. It would be nice if tim haggerty would read some of this and actually reply when e-mailed to on occasion.

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