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I ordered a twin to my lava lamp on eBay. It arrioved toda, but the seller had packed it poorly and sent it parcel post.

(1) can I get a new cap or does anyone have a spare I could buy?

(2) can I get new fluid or can I mix my own? if so, how much do I need to fill this globe up?

I am pretty bummed right now.....

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awww, poor lamp :( that is really sad. Will be a bit difficult to get a new top and cap, unless someone here has one. the liquid you can make your own but I would send that thing back to the seller and demand my money back. did you use paypal? if the seller refuses a refund I would notify ebay and paypal and force it out of him.
The seller already refused a refund. The seller told me he/she believed that the loose newspaper packing was sufficient packing for shipping a lava lamp cross-country parcel post. I disagree.

In the short run I guess i will look for another lamp. In the long run I guess this gives me an excuse to start experimenting with creating my own lava lamp. I have red goo, now I just need a cap and liquid.

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