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hey got some questions for your lava goooru lamp junkies =0)

i have a vintage model that is in need of some tlc... i remember growing up with this lamp and to say the least i fell in love with it at first site. i dug it out the other day missing my old friend and plugged it in. everything seemed to be going okay with it except it was a little slow at moving (kinda hung around in one place either top or bottom and moved slowly) it also had some type of chunky stuff floating around in it...so tonight i added a few drops of dish detergent and oh my has it ever helped it. it seems to be moving around better but what about the nasty chunky stuff? any ideas what this is and how to get rid of it? also i need a new cap as my hubbie and i broke the original. thanks

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seems that it has been sitting for a long time and has seperated itself into hard and soft parts. seen a topic like this somewhere on here about this and it said to cycle the lamp. 30 mins. on and 3-4 hrs. off untill the hard parts get soft again and conform back the way it was. Hope this helps and if anyone else thinks it is something else, post it.
The only way I have gotten rid of the white chunks was to run the lamp for extended periods of time, I ran it 8 hours on, 4 hours off nonstop for almost 4 weeks before they disappeared. Set it on a timer and let it run.


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