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Hi all. I need your guys' support and prayers again this time for my dad.

He is an amputee, his right leg was amputated about a year ago. We just found out that his left foot has very poor circulation and, if possible, needs a bypass surgery done.
Bad thing is, he has a weak heart. The doctors ran some tests on his heart to see if his heart will be strong enough to go through the surgery without being damaged. We are waiting for these test results.

If his heart is not strong enough, then the doctors will work on his arteries in his heart to open them up as much as they can, but they will amputate his left foot.

What I am asking is for your prayers for a miracle to happen. I have been praying, as well as my friends and our church, that the bypass surgery can be performed.

My mom, family and I have been as strong as we can waiting for the answers from the tests.

I really appreciate your help and prayers.

Oh, my mom has been recovering well. I haven't mentioned anything about her in awhile. She is pretty much her old self again.
I thank you all again for your prayers and concern for my mom.


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Thanks, Jerome and Anthony.

I know it will get easier. But reading these posts brought back the time when I thought my dad was going to be ok again. I had no clue he was going to leave. but Jesus took him home.

I just miss his presence.

I don't know why I keep coming back to this post.
Every time I do it just makes me cry.
Maybe it's because it seems like my dad passed away just a few days ago? Or am I still in some sort of disbelief?
I don't know.

I didn't mention to anyone this, but on Oct. 25 of this year my parents would have been married 51 years.
That was a tough day. More so for my mom than me.
We just miss my dad so much.

Hey, goodude, Just saw this discussion and wanted to tell you that I will be upholding you in my prayers. Loss of a loved one is a very hard thing and not to be taken lightly. The grief and hurt you are going through is very real, but in time it will not be as hard. You are wondering if you are in disbelief that your father is gone, but that is not what it is. It is that he was such a big part of your life that you still see evidence of him everywhere and half expect him to be there. Enjoy the memories of him, even though they are now bittersweet. When Jesus calls you home, your earthly father will be part of the welcoming party.
May the LORD bless you with HIS comfort and peace,

He was a big part of my life. And even though it's been 11 months, I still don't feel the same.

Thank you for your prayers.
My family and I all need peace and comfort.

Yesterday marked a year since my dad has been gone.
It just doesn't seem like it's been that long.

He was a best friend, my hero, my dad
Now that he has passed on makes me quite sad.

I have been thinking about my dad today,
I miss him so much that words cannot begin to say.

It has now been a whole year since he's been gone,
I want him to come back even though that's selfish and wrong.

He has made it to heaven now and is as happy as can be.
He would never come back no matter how I beg or plea.

What makes it hard is knowing he won't be here
for Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas year after year.

I know he will always be in my heart to stay,
but I miss seeing him here each and every day.

It is still so hard knowing he is gone,
but his work here on earth is now done.

He is now at his eternal home to stay
a whole eternity to see Jesus each and every day.

What a lovely and uplifting poem.

You obviously dearly loved your dear father and he must have been a wonderful man to bring you into this world as you are such a dear and loving son to him. The sadness is still there of course, and it will never completely go away, but you have your memories of your dear father and you will never forget him. He is in a good place now as well as always being in your heart. God bless you and your dear father. Out thoughts as always, especially now, are with you.

Thank you, Jerome.

We all appreciate the prayers and support.


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