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Just thought I should pump that one out there to get opinions on this. So, what is your opinion of what makes a collector have a collector status?

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[IMG]http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p279/mandysbus/302006.jpg[/IMG]....last ones.......it wont leave me edit my posts but i can reply?????????.............phil
wow, what a find!
I don't have a large collection, 6 at the moment.
I started with Jets, as I love the clean lines.
My interest in lava comes from a retro taste I have in decor, and the fact that I have always found them very lovely to look at.
Being a collector I think means you are not happy with just one, you are always looking for the next one, your eye caught by a different colour combination/shape etc.
Oh yeah, and when you see a lovely one, you are compelled to buy!
I only collect Mathmos as I like that they are made in the UK, and mostly are classic shapes which look quite classy.
I don't think you need a lot to be a collector, but I certainly wouldn't put myself up there with some of you guys on this site! you're total lava heads lol :)
A collector is someone who is always seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining a treasured item.

So I suppose anyone can be considered a collector. :P
I have no idea. LOL
What makes one a collector.... well i think haveing 28 of the things make it, that is only if you have the classic crestworth or mathmos...
I like the copper crestworth ones..
Ps i c ur into hed kandi :)
more like i'm into the work of Jason Brooks, the artist who designs the hed kandi artwork, check this site (i love love love the portfolio stuff, interiors etc)


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