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Hello Oozing Peoples - I'm going to take a shot at making a lamp from scratch. I'm going to use a Absolut bottle and a custom made stand. I have no idea where to get the spring coil needed for it and suspect I'll have to make one. Any suggestions?

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I've got three globes that are no good. The wax has burned in them and it's disgusting. They looked okay in the ebay picture..

But in any case, I was trying to figure out what to do with these things. I'll certainly send you the spring out of them or if you want the globe and cap as well I'll send you the whole thing. You pay shipping of course.
All those ideas sounds good. Let us know how you do it.

Seriously? They have springs that small. The only springs I ever bought at The Depot were ones to pull my fence gate shut. And those were the light ones in that department. What department did you find springs that small. I guess I'm confused because I can't guess what people would have use for that small a spring.
I don't have any spares that I can strip parts from. The parts house might be a good idea. Thanks.

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