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I have been thinking about this ever since I took a visit to the Mathmos website.
I went to the U.S. page and all they have for the U.S. are the Fluidiums, that is just fine with me, I want an Astro too, but that will wait.

As for the price. I know it is actually a pretty good price being they go for alot more on ebay when they are here in the U.S.
But Mathmos wants $99 and that includes tax and shipping to the U.S.

I just want opinions from others here on OG to help me with my decision.

I have plenty of time before I come into some money for next year's income tax.

I, myself, am willing to pay that much for a Fluidium.
What about you others??


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Yeah, I considered it, but I am not crazy about the shape of them, they are a little too far from traditional ( I dont often say things like that-I typically like the unusual ) and they look kind of plasticy Though when I realized that they are a pretty good size they seem a little more appealing, I do like the white ones, and I have seen another one with a colored liquid and lava. I want to say it was orange base with violet/orange globe. Astrobaby would know.
I like the shape of the Fluidiums.
I am not crazy about the color choices, all I can choose from are green and yellow. I do like them both in a way, but I wish there was a wider color range.
My favorite color is green, so I might go for that one.

I don't know.
I'll think about that one.

My favorite color is green also. I had at one point, since it is expensive for us in the states to collect mathmos, just getting one of every model in green. I have a green metallic astro and a lime green astrobaby.
Awesome, Osolava.

I hope you get to continue your green Mathmos collection.
I have wanted a Mathmos lamp for a long time now and I think I will go ahead and treat myself to one eventually.

have you seen the two on ebay? Would love to have the glitterball. They will go for much though.
No, I haven't been on ebay in a long while.
I got tired of "monitor shopping" lol

I'll have to check those out just because.

now a metal fluidium, THAT would really be something.
'Baby, I love all your Fluidiums.
Too bad Mathmos didn't come out with more colors. But the ones they chose are not exactly bad choices...they are just really limited.

The yellow one is really growing on me.

Unfortunately, considering what has just happened with my family, I might not be able to get one. But I can dream, can't I?

I would have loved to go for the Glitterball that was on ebay, but I don't have the funds right now.


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