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Grande Lamp clear out of box but cloudy now. Is there hope?

I bought my first Grande Lamp (blue/yellow) from BestBuy.com. I had done lots of research before buying and read the stories of them arriving cloudy from shipment. It arrived Thursday and I was happy to see it was nice and clear when I pulled it out of the box. The box itself was in perfect shape as well. Once the wax started to melt, it got slightly cloudy. It doesn't look horrible but it surely isn't CLEAR. I have been running it for 8 hours then letting it cool since I got it and I havent noticed improvement. Is this normal with new lamps like this and do you think it will clear? I want to return it before the warranty ends if you think it's doomed. I will include pics tomorrow if that would help. Thanks for your help.

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No problem Tony, take your time. Good luck, I know what moving can be like.

All the best,

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